A low-residency, intensive year round program providing the conceptual, critical, historical, and practical knowledge needed to sustain a successful studio.

Visiting Artists
Joan Linder
Buffalo New York Drawing with quill pens and ink, Joan Linder depicts life-size, monochromatic figures and objects. Not without humor—she drew top Bush administration officials in their underpants in Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Rice and Cheney, Bush (both 2004)—Linder tackles personal and worldly issues, ranging from her family’s Holocaust history to the politics of war and mass production, to gender, power, and objectification. Her drawings, known for their philosophical weight and wide range of subjects (weeds, insects, human skeletons, erotic nudes, architecture, portraits), reference Minimalism, cartoons, Asian scrolls, and 18th-century European landscape drawing. She deliberately embraces the labor-intensive technique as a reaction to “the electronic landscape surrounding us all,” she says.