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Shelley Spector
Master Lecturer BFA, The University of the Arts
Shelley Spector is an artist, curator, editor and teacher. She has been working for more than 20 years, creating works of various media that explore identity, memory, perception, and language. In 1999, she founded SPECTOR Projects/Gallery in Philadelphia to showcase underrepresented artists and ideas. An offshoot of this project is Artjaw,com an online anthology of first person stories from the Philadelphia art community. Spector teaches at University Of The Arts, Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts and Tyler School of Art.

My work involves the activity of taking things apart and using the pieces to build something new. I sculpt, print or sew works with a wide range of collected materials, usually cloth, paper or wood – reusing things like clothes, furniture, and photographic images. The labor-intensive processes that I use, like stacking, winding, patterning, and creating works from very small pieces, present me with time to build layers of meaning into my work. I’m interested in themes that are part of most people’s everyday like money, relationships, tools of measurement, personal history and the environment. I use common materials, images and experience to address universal situations. My constructions are anthropological in how they are made, what they are made from and what they are about.