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Romy Scheroder featured on Hyperallergic


Romy Scheroder’s “Subway Selfie” (2013) featured on Hyperallergic.

“Taking a photo of yourself seems bold, narcissistic, self-involved, so they say (?). I think it’s more like having a bit of fun — why not?! This project, SubwaySelfie (2013), started because I hate being photographed, but I like the idea of performative art and saw elements of the subway posters I could interact with by capturing me in a silly moment. A moment that folks (public in realtime and friends via FB postings) would not expect of me — but what they have not realized is that in my secret-reserved-self there lies a cheeky funny-girl. This project was only posted to FB and received a bizarre number of ‘likes,’ more than my artwork tended to get. Ahhhh whattodo! So I kept doing them … setting up rules to help keep it from getting out of control and a project I could enjoy.”